Kılıç Holding was rewarded with the Award for Respect for Human at the IK Summit carried out with help of the main sponsor where practises that both facilitate users’ lives and enhance their experiences are transfered.

Being one of the few brands of the world in the field of seafood, Kılıç Holding maintains its remarkable position in terms of human-oriented working policies and a sense of health-preferred outputs.

Kılıç Holding was considered worthy to be awarded with the Award for Respect for Human in 2018 within the scope of awarding companies that are most-applied and most employment-friendly as well as being companies that are the fastest to give feedbacks to job applications at the highest level.

Songül Dönmez, the Executive of Human Resources Recruitment and Training, accepted the award on behalf of Kılıç Holding, which ranks among the few companies in the field of pisciculture and its exportation and the company has been making significant contributions to employment in Turkey especially when the country is going through a difficult process.

‘’Humans First’’

Songül Dönmez, Kılıç Holding’s Executive of Human Resources Recruitment and Training, expressed Kılıç Holding always prioritizes the sense of human-orientation and she continued ‘’As Kılıç Holding, we are honored to be awarded this year too just like we were the last year for our understanding to maintain respect for humans since our foundation. I accept this award on behalf of all our workers and I thank you.’’