Aegean Exporter’s Unions declared the exportation statistics of the year 2014. The Union, which reached to the highest exportation rate among the AEU, was the Aegean Exporter’s Union of Aquaculture and Animal Products.

According to the declaration of the Union, in 2014, exportation of 810 million USD was realized to 98 countries with a rate of 22% in comparison with the previous year.

The biggest producer of Mediterranean Sea Bream and bass in the world and the leading aquaculture company in our country and Europe, Kılıç Seafood became the first exporter in 2014.

Kılıç Seafood Co., has been taking first place in the aquaculture industry since 2010.

Completed the year 2014 with an exportation of 100 million USD, Kılıç Seafood has exported the 70 percent of its production to more than 40 countries

Employing approximately 2000 personnel with the cutting-edge technology in its fully-integrated plants, Kılıç Seafood presents 30 percent of its production to the domestic market.

40 percent of the fish, sold in Turkey, has the brand of Kılıç Seafood , completing its product range.