Kilic has received the superior Taste Award 2021 for three tasted products.

The International Taste & Quality Institute – iTQi – based in Brussels is the world’s leading organization dedicated to certifying the TASTE of food and drink products.

Judges are selected from the 15 most prestigious European culinary and sommeliers associations.

We’re proud of introduce that win an important prize of golden stars. We added new award winning product in product range also. Kilic seabass Kilic sea bream are entitled to three and two golden stars from International Taste and Quality Institute its exceptional taste. It likes previous years. In addition, Kilic Salmon Trout is entitled to two golden stars from ITQI.

As three stars is being exceptional products and two stars is defined to remarkable products by The International Taste & Quality Institute.

Just like in previous years, we will maintain our success in 2021 due to the demand for our fish species with superior taste award, which we raise with accurate and scientific methods.