Kılıç is a fully integrated seafood company that covers juvenile fish (fry) production, feed factories, packaging and processing facilities, logistics and exports, all of which contribute to this success. We have the largest fully integrated facility in the world with a production volume of 70,000 tons in the aquaculture industry. We are rigorous to produce all links of the chain, including our fish boxes, in our own facilities and with our own team in order to fully control all phases of the production and value chain. We believe that an integrated approach is essential to maintaining the top-level operations of the company.

We implement all quality standards that are applicable in our industry and hold ISO18000, ISO22000, IFS, BRC, Global GAP and Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certificates. We also have globally recognized certificates, especially in the fields of production and environment. ASC is one of the world’s leading certification and labelling certificates for responsible aquaculture. One of the most important certificates, GLOBAL G.A.P. serves as a passport for our export operations since it gives confidence that our food production is hygienically safe and involves environmentally friendly practices.

Kılıç Seafood co. Vice President Sinan Kızıltan stated that ‘Our fully integrated production process and environmental awareness enable us to raise our success to a higher level every year as well as the sustainability of our brand value. Therefore, despite of the pandemic in 2020, our tasty and nutritious fish were in high demand both from the domestic and global markets. With our KLC Seafood export company under the Kılıç Holding group of companies, we maintained our sector leadership in 2020 and reached an export figure of 196.886.000 USD. Since 2010, we have maintained our leader position in Turkey in connection with exports in the category of Aquaculture and Animal Products. With KLC Seafood, the foreign trade company of Kılıç Seafood co., we have managed to maintain our industry leadership also in 2020 by making exports worth 196.886.000 USD. We achieved the top position as the leader of export in the industry this year as well. As of the end of 2020, we have exported to approximately 70 countries, including Asian, the Middle Eastern and American markets, where Europe accounts for 45% of this figure. Our relations with our customers are always good and we keep on working for new product categories in order to enhance cooperation. We will build on our success by means of our structure that does not compromise on quality and is fully integrated, from production to logistics.’